Dr. Somenath Chatterjee

Title: Primary Interface: Cell phone – Device Technology

Abstract: Mobile computing is a Man-machine interaction which involves software, hardware and mobile communication. The First generation (1G) cell phone was used with analog devices. Second generation (2G) cell phone was based on digital, and Third generation (3G) allows for multimedia facilities with 2G. Likewise, Fourth generation (4G) is being developed with the objective: speeds up to 50 times higher than of 3G.

A basic digital cell phone contains a few individual parts, which includes Circuit board, Antenna, Display unit and Battery. Enhancement of Circuit speed is important with high density of device integration; however it increases the leakage current in the system.

The screen display is one of the major accessories in the cell phone technology. The blocks of such active matrix flat-panel displays are made by amorphous multicomponent oxides, used as pixel-driving circuits.

The presentation will include the chronological development in transistor device integration and screen display technology, which are used in advanced generation of mobile devices.


Professor and Head, Center for Materials Science and NanoTechnology (CMSNT)
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology